Copy Paste & Note Pad

How to Copy & Paste

To copy:
Place your mouse arrow before the text, click down and darken the area you want to copy. Then press down the other, 2ond, (another) button and find copy. Click copy. Go to where you want the text and push down the 2ond button again find paste and click that. You should see what you just copied. :) If not try again.

Try practicing here:

Copy this

Paste it in this box

Now practice by using other words from this page and paste them into the box.

Note Pad

Someplace in your computer you should have a "note pad." The nice thing about a note pad is that you can keep little notes to yourself on it. So that when you need the information it is handy, you can keep "note pad" in the tool bar (located by the start button) when you arn't using it. Now practice putting some of these words onto your note pad.

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