music? What a friend we have in Jesus


Gods Only Begotton Son


Stated In___________Prophecy______________Fulfilled In

Gen 12:3_________Come from the line of Abraham_________Lk 3:34
2 Sam 7:12,13____________and of David___________________Lk 3:31
Gen 3:15 5:2___________as promised to Eve._______________Lk 3:38

Is 7:14_____________Must be born of a virgin____________Lk 1:34,35
Micah 5:2___________in Bethehem of Judea______________Mt 2:1
Hosea 11:1_______________flee to Egypt________________Mt 2:15
Jer 31:15_____________so as not to be killed,____________Mt 2:16
Num 6:2 Is 11:1________return to Nazereth______________Mt 2:23
(rod=netzer, stem of Jesse)
Is 7:15 53:2_______and not grow up in a palace.__________Lk 2:51

Mal 3:1____________Preceded by John the baptist________Mk 1:2
Ps 2:7 Pro 30:4_________and claimed by God.____________Mt 3:17

Is 11:2___________The Spirit will rest upon Him.__________Mt 3:16

Is 42:1________God will be well pleased (delighted).________Mt 3:17

Is 7:16_______________He will refuse evil_______________Mt 4:1-11
Is 9:1,2______________dwell in Capernaum_____________Mt 4:13
Is 61:1_______________preach in the temple_____________Lk 4:17
Is 53:3________________and be rejected.________________Lk 4:28

Is 42:7__Heal people, raise the dead and preach the gospel.__Lk7:22

Is 42:6_____________Be a Light unto the gentiles__________Mt 4:16
Is 6:9__________________speak in parables_______________Jn 8:43
Ez 36:25__________________preach grace__________Jn 3:5 Heb 10:22
Is 29:13 Ez 33:31________and reject tradition
____________________(law as doctrine of men).__________Mt 15:3,8,9

Zech 9:9____________Ride on a young donkey_____________Mt 21:2
Ps 118:26________come in the name of the Lord____________Mt 21:9
Jer 7:11 Ps 69:9__cast out those who sold in the temple_____Mk 11:15
Ps 118:22_______and be the rejected corner stone.__________Lk 20:17

IKi9:7,8 Ps79:1____Predict the destruction of the temple_____Mt 24:2
Zech 11:12_______be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver________Mt 26:15
Zech 11:13______that would be cast in the temple
_______________and used to buy the potters field._________Mt 27:5-7

Is 50:5______________Pray in the garden__________________Lk 22:42
Zech 13:7_________be deserted by the desiples_____________Mk 14:50
Ps 109:2_______________false witnesses___________________Mt 26:59
Is 50:6 52:14,15 53:5____whipped, spit at,_________________Jn 19:1-3
Micah 5:1______________mocked, beaten,________________Mk 14:65
Is 53:7____________and not speak out in defence.________Mt 27:12,14

Is 53:9________________No fault can be found_____________Lk 23:14
Is 53:11______________yet Barabas is realeased.____________Jn 18:40

Ps 69:21__________________Offered vinegar________________Mt 27:34
Ps 22:14-17_______________and crucified_________________Jn 19:16
Is 53:9_________________between two thiefs.______________Jn 19:18

Is 53:11_______Yet He asks the Father to forgive them_____Lk 23:34
Ps 22:18__________as they cast lots for his clothes.________Jn 19:24

Ps 22:7,8 109:25_______As they mock Him______________Mt 27:39-43
Is 53:12__________He promises one thief paradise._______Lk 23:43

Amos 8:9 Ps 18:9_____Darkness covers the land,___________Mk 15:33
Is53:10 Ps22:1 88:14__as He is separated from God_________Mk 15:34
Is 28:16_____________our sins are laid on Him___________1 Cor 15:3
Ps 18:16______________Yet God heard His cry.____________Ps 22:24

Ps 22:15______________Crusifiction causes thirst._________Jn 19:28

Is 53:5__________________It is finished._________________Jn 19:30

Ps 31:5_______Willingly died (dismissed His Spirit).________Lk 23:46

Jer 31:33_____As the Law ended, the veil rent in half_________Lk 23:45
Ps 18:7________________the earth quaked__________________Mt 27:51
Ps 18:19______________and graves split open._____________Mt 27:52

Amos 8:10___Thoes who where there smote their breasts.____Lk 23:48

Zech 12:10__His side was pierced (water and blood in the lungs=death
now a scientific fact so we might believe)_________________Jn 19:35
Ex12:46 Num9:12________so no bones were broken._______Jn 19:33

Is 53:9________He was buried in a rich mans tomb.______Mt 27:57,60

Job 19:25_____________Arose from the dead______________Mt 28:6

Ps 22:22_____Then told the apostles to tell the world.______Mt 28:19

Gen 5:24 2Ki 2:11______As He ascends to heaven___________Acts 1:9

Ps18:19,20 68:18 _____He brings others with Him.________Ep 4:8-10

Ps 16:8-11______Now at the right hand of the Father______Rom 8:34
Ps 18:50 22:26,29_____with the keys of hell and death._____Rev 1:18

Num 11:25-29______Then sends the Holy Spirit._Jn 14:16-18,29 Acts 2:1-4,33
Joel 2:28,29


Ps 22:31__So far Jesus is the only One who hath done this.__Jn 17:20



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