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The New Age Movement

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1990 update, I wrote this article, before they were called blogs!
Back in the 80's since then much has happened! Type in New Age in the search.
There are 200,000,000 pages about it now. & to think when I first put this up there were 6. Amazing simply amazing what they have us evolving into these days.

2015 update, wow, more time has passed, I always wondered where the beheading was heading in the Bible. When I wrote this I was trying to warn people about what could happen if things didn't change, since then we have had 9/11. I was hoping things would get better after that happened, but instead things have only escalated in a downward spiral. This morning I asked God why such evil could over take such a wonderful nation as the United States of America. I saw it as clear as the day I found myself on my knees in the laundry room after I understood "repent" on 9/11. 9/12 and on, all I have seen is God in a genie bottle, God Bless America, everyone talks about God but we are unrepentant as a nation. Everyone who mentions the word repent is shut down and shouted out. Only those who have done evil can cry repent once they have repented, well & maybe prophets. I'm no prophet. Only because of the evil I have done can I understand "repent" only because I understand God & His forgiveness can I have peace. God loves you, He stands knocking, all you need to do is repent, and open the door. My life is not perfect, I came down with Lyme Disease after I wrote & did all the things at this web site. Thank GOD I learned what I did before I got sick. Because then when I was unable to care for myself, He was there for me. With out His help I would not be here today to update this. I know that as a fact. The time is short, use it wisely, you never know what tomorrow holds. In the meantime, with God life is good! Chose life! Choose right! No matter what happens to me, or around me I have peace, I have hope, I have love, because I have God. I encourage you to find out more about Him. It won't be as easy today as it was then. But if you seek, He promises that if your heart is sincere you will find Him.

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