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Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Make each day an adventure. Heb. 11:8-10
Take God into close partnership. Prov. 3:6
Cultivate a worthy friendship. Prov. 27:9, 17
Harbor no unkind thought. I Cor. 13:4,5
Live within your means. Rom. 13:8
Keep yourself well groomed. I Cor. 6:20
Cultivate a sense of gratitude. Col. 2:7
Do some constructive work. Eph. 4:28
Get plenty of sleep. Ps. 127:2
Swallow only what is beneficial. Phil. 4:5
Enjoy an occasional hearty laugh. Prov. 15:15
Love and be lovable. Prov. 18:24
Set aside some time for worship. Ps. 55:17
Listen to your conscience. Is. 30:21
Keep your self-control and self-respect. Prov. 16:32
Treat your body as the dwelling-place of God. I Cor. 3:16, 17
Realize that God cares for you! I Pet. 5:7
Encourage your heart to sing. Col. 3:16
Do not take trouble too seriously. I Cor. 10:13
Be anxious for nothing. Phil. 4:6
Have a hobby, and a purpose. Phil. 3:14
Spend some time out of doors. Ps. 19:1-3
Be on the lookout for the beautiful. Phil. 4:8
Do not be self-centered, or sorry for yourself. Luke 9:23, 24
Do your best and be content. I Tim. 6:6-8