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Just in case you need to re-boot your computer.

You tube seems to be working better on all the browsers. But you could try the following if you are having problems.

Check the main page for notices if a cam is down. You may need to refresh to get the notice to change, show up. Main page

If you have a white screen you may need to empty your temporary internet files & or restart your computer. How to Delete the Contents of the Temporary Internet Files Folder.

Google: See under browser and pick temp files

Many of the links on Deer Trail use pop-up windows so you do not need to leave the cam pages. You may need to enable pop-ups in your browser settings. See tools and then look for wording as pop up blocker etc.

Having trouble getting cams to run:
You may be on a page that isn't being used. Go to the main page and start from there.

If the cams are lagging you could try clicking the word "LIVE" when you mouse over the screen to help them catch up/get in sync.

You may need to use the newest version of Internet Explorer or download Google Chrome or Fire Fox to watch the cams.

You may need to click the start & sound buttons. Usually the sound is set on cam 2. If you hear an echo you may need to stop some of the sound on all but one cam you are watching.

The cams are all now at You Tube. When James shuts them down we need to change the code. So may take a bit to get that in after they are actually running. Sometimes they go out & then come back on. They have some info at You Tube about trouble shooting here: Problems playing videos
Viewing options

I didn't see it there but you can pull the bar back & watch the last 2 or so hours if you want to see if you missed anything.

To make the cam views smaller or larger you can zoom in or out with your computer browser.

Microsoft is similar, may be in the right hand lower corner Here are some instructions at: Microsoft support

See Message Board & Chat for instructions for each.

Some of the media at the site is Microsoft so internet explorer works better for the video players, and some of the games.