10/7/2008: See the results of Walk as far as numbers on the Home page.

6/8/2008, letter to Brainerd History Group email list:

Greetings BHG,

Here's a few things that have come up in the last couple of weeks regarding the Brainerd History Walk.

1) I have noticed that most of the Posters are still up, and since we are willing to keep giving guided tours beyond the listed week of the Sesqui, the poster needs updating. I have made a copy to cover up the first paragraph replacing it with a new "over lap", done as simply as I know how. These can be copied on ordinary 8-1/2X11" white paper, or better yet a tan colored one to blend in with the original poster. By the miracle of a scissors and some tape, and somebody's legwork we can update the existing posters, and maybe utilize the few that we have left! Can someone volunteer to do this? The new copy is below:

"Guided Tours given by appointment throughout the summer begin at the Brainerd Public Library. Groups larger than 10 are best split in half using two guides, if available. Tour will take approximately one hour to complete. Call the Brainerd Public Library at 218-829-5574 for more information. Arrangements available for groups, classes and other special occasions!"

2) Christopher says some of the "permanent" Window Banners are down, so perhaps we have some left or can color copy these and laminate them, then place these at the same time as the posters.

3) The Dispatch has contacted me and wants to meet to see if they can coordinate with our projects, namely getting the 6 plaques placed, and even helping in the fund raising to that end. They are going to update their BrainerdHistory.com

(http://brainerddispatch.com/history/) website so we might be able to enlist Ann in this effort. No mention was made of a separate site for our use. I will try to meet with Denton and Terry next week.

4) The task I took on of identifying the 6 plaque sites and getting the installation permissions is progressing, however slowly. I am securing these permissions in writing.

5) Getting photos and history in to the Business Owners is moving forward, and has a boost in that Downtown Art & Frame is willing to scan some of my post cards to their database so an owner can just go there to make an enlarged copy, so I am not dragging around my 15# binder of post cards! They have a neat example of their building blown up to about 11X17" and printed on a foam core board, so it really needs no frame, which will run around $40. This is right in the front of the store on a nice easel! I will pick out a few images from each category to have scanned. This idea came about originally as a way to make a fund-raising project for the Downtown group, so it may evolve to that.

6) I am working on a Burst or sticker to add to the Window Banner to identify the businesses that have these photos and/or history to offer within their building.

The above info will be posted on the BHW website, under "What's New?":