Below is our large size Poster, as with the Brochures, generously doanted by Lakes Printing in SE Brainerd. We are using a smaller 8-1/2 X 11" version of this as a flyer, easy and cheap to make on any photocopier. Sorry, below is the poster's copy only. I am unable to copy the image itself. We have modified the poster to get more time out of it with a cover-up strip to change the dates and times. We will do the same next summer as we still have some left of the original 100 or so. See below:

UPDATE, 6/1/2008. This was added to the poster:

"Guided Tours given by appointment throughout the summer begin at the Brainerd Public Library. Groups larger than 10 are best split in half using two guides, if available. Tour will take approximately one hour to complete."


A walk

through history

Guided Tours begin May 11th and continue until May 17th at the Brainerd Public Library.

Tour will take approximately one hour to complete. Tours scheduled for 11:00 am, 6:00 pm and by reservation.

Call the Brainerd Public Library at 218-829-5574 for more information.

Arrangements available for groups, classes and other special occasions.

A few questions, a few answers.

Where did the name Brainerd come from? What and where were the first buildings?

Where was the Sleeper Opera House? Where was the Iron Exchange? How did the City grow?

What was it like in the early days, in the 1800ís?

Transformations 1871-2008

Transportation: How did people get here, then and now?

Entertainment: Where were our many opera houses?

Business: What street did it start on and where did it migrate to?

Education: When were the first schools started?

The Brainerd History Walk. Learn about the City,

the Buildings, The People.

Prepared with support from the City of Brainerd, the Brainerd Lakes Chamber, the Crow Wing Historical Museum,

the Minnesota Historical Society, the Brainerd Public Library, Central Lakes College, Lakes Printing, local businesses and other community groups.