5/28/2008: Here we will post all we know about the trail systems in the Brainerd area. Frankly, at the moment that is not much! So I will start with listing the trails I am aware of, likely not the corrct official names, but listed nonetheles.

BOOM LAKE TRAIL: Boom Lake/Kiwanis Park, paved, goes around Boom Lake.

HALLET trail: I think the extension of the N side of the Laurel St. bridge sidewalk was done as part of the merging of it and other trails to the NW.

OLD GRADE TRAIL: Not sure on the name, but this paved trail runs from about Norwood St. in Brainerd to the S end of Brainerd, and possibly paved or unpaved all the way to Little Falls and beyond on the E siode of Business Hwy. 371 and Hwy 10.

PAUL BUNYAN SCENIC BYWAY: 54 miles of stunning scenery through the cities of Pequot Lakes, Breezy Point, Crosslake, Manhattan Beach, Pine River, Jenkins and the Townships of Wilson, Pelican, Mission, Timothy, Barclay, Gail Lake, Jenkins and Ideal.


PAUL BUNYAN TRAIL: This trail runs north of Brainerd, but has an underpass under Hwy. 210 in Brainerd, and an overpass is being constructed (May, 2008) at Excelsior Road in Baxter. I understand it will eventually connect with trails to the south, possibly the old RR grade on the east side of Business Hwy. 371 S.

RIVER ROAD EAST TRAIL: I have no clue what this trail is supposed to connect with, if anything, but this paved trail "starts" at the high rise/Northstar Apartments and goes S to the College Bridge.