Here's just a fast sketch of an icon of the water tower. Is there an artist out there that could complete this cleaning it up and making it bolder? for now we will use just laminated photocopies or vinyl static cling inside window stickers. Perhaps in time they can be of laminated plastic for inside or outside use.

These should be a bright bold aqua or teal color, not as blue as pictured, about a foot tall.


As you can see, the problem of the Icon has been eliminated! Kevin Thesing has combined a classic old photo of the tower with the verbiage we need for a Window Banner. This icon can also be used moving forward as a logo for our group, whether it is used on stationery, in flyers or in the newspaper. Thanks Kevin!

I did like Andrew's idea of the color being aqua instead of blue...the connection to water you know. I don't know if it will show up from a distance as well however. Thoughts?