Below is all the information we have on the new 1888 Panoramic Print. Feel free to print out the Fact Sheet, Businesses List or Order Forms!

Panoramic Print, from an 1888 engraving, FACT SHEET:

This sketch by Ernst L. Krause is from the July 1888 issue of The Northwest Illustrated Monthly Magazine by E. V. Smalley. The sketch was then engraved and then printed to the magazine. This issue featured Brainerd, Minnesota with 6 pages of articles and 31 photos. The image was a double-page printing in the magazine’s center that was scanned and cleaned to eliminate staple marks and seam lines by a local historian, then digitally scanned to disc. From there it was locally digitally printed and heat-mounted on quality acid-free foam core board in the 12-color Giclee’ Fine Art Print process, the most up-to-date quality printing process available. Although the print is not “in color” since it was taken from a black & white source, the computer picked up the discoloration of the 120 year old pages and imparted an interesting greenish tint to the final product. The process uses dye-based inks estimated to have a 50 year life span.

Optional UV-protective satin lamination is available to resist sunlight, fluorescent lights, smoke, grease and fingerprints. This is also less than half the cost of such a large UV glass, and thus eliminates the need for heavy glass if framing is desired.

This print is being offered as a fund-raising project exclusively by the Brainerd History Group, formed in 2008 to promote Brainerd’s rich history and further projects to preserve that history. Funds will be used for signage of the Brainerd History Walks, installation of markers and monuments, namely the 6 newly-discovered 1971 Centennial plaques, and other history-related projects.

These “bird’s eye view” panoramic scenes were typical of the day, especially along the rail lines, as a way to promote the features of an up-and-coming and thriving community. A pictorial of “FIRSTS” indeed, the view was from the FIRST Crow Wing County Courthouse built in 1883 on the SE corner of Kingwood St. & North 4th St, now an apartment building. We are including a complete list of all businesses and residences as found in 1888, from East to West, from S 8th (Broadway) to S 3rd St. In the picture you can see the horse-drawn street car, which was in operation at the same time as a separate electric railway system built as early as 1883, the FIRST NPRR depot where now stands the historic concrete water tower, the Sleeper Opera House, the First National Bank, First Presbyterian Church, and the FIRST Fire Hall and bell tower on the N end of S 5th. In the distance you can see the 1871 FIRST St. Francis Church on S 5th St. at the W end of Maple St. Remember this was an artist’s rendering and in those days too they had some artistic license…the church actually burned in 1886! In the foreground you can see the second City Jail and the FIRST County Sheriff’s residence on Main St. (now Washington St.). Both are gone but the jail is marked with a 1971 Centennial monument today. Notice there was not much “main” about Main St., as the building was concentrated along Front St., likely because the main activities were in front of the depot in the early days, facing Front St. Even the government section migrated across the track to Laurel St. where it remains today. Please enjoy this Panoramic Print of the Past!

-The Brainerd History Group


The following Businesses List are included with each Panoramic Print:

See Image12.psp

See Image12.psp


Below is the [first] court house that the sketch was done from, sketched at the same time and printed in the same magazine issue. It is still standing at the corner of Kinwood and N 4th., used as an apartment complex.


Remember, the image below is highly compressed for web page use, so since the actual print is 5 feet long, uncompressed it would have taken you 4 full scroll pages to the right to view!



The Brainerd History Group, sponsor of the Brainerd History Walk, is offering for sale copy-prints of an 1888 Panoramic engraving of Brainerd’s Front Street. The view is mounted on a foam-core board and is suitable for framing or stand-alone display on an easel. Size is 60-3/4 inches long and 13 inches high. Some of the buildings shown in the engraving are the: Sleeper Block, 1st National Bank, Bly’s Block, Hartley Block, McFadden-Westfall Block on Front Street. The Sleeper Opera House is shown in the background and the City Jail and the first County Sheriff’s residence and County Jail in the foreground. The first Northern Pacific Depot is also depicted. Accompanying this print will be a detailed listing of all businesses and residences on Front St. from S. 8th St. to S. 3rd St. in 1888, and a fact sheet on how the print is produced. The cost per print is $75, tax included.

Please complete the order blank below, and drop off at the Brainerd Public Library. Questions can be directed to Carl at 218-820-2424. Payment can be made via CHECK or CASH at the time of pick-up at the Brainerd Public Library, or pre-payment is appreciated. Please allow 7 days for production. Make checks payable to Brainerd History Group.





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You can see one of these prints at the following locations:

-*Ace Hardware, Brainerd

-*Brainerd Public Library

-*Crow Wing County Historical Society, also in their CWC Fair booth!

-*Northwind Grille, downtown Brainerd

-*Sawmill Inn

-Visitor Center, Brainerd Chamber of Commerce, 371 South

Many thanks to the above businesses for gracioulsy displaying these prints, and in such prominent locations!

* Print is sold.