Can anyone help here???

If you like to do research, or enjoy a good mystery, this is the place for you!

There are several folks looking for information on a variety of Brainerd subjects, so this might serve as a location to list some of them. Send some in!

-BRICKYARDS: Need to locate all 3 locations, esp. the Schwartz Steam Brick Yard on the paper mill site, for a marker.

-ELECTRIFICATION PLANT on the end of N. 7th St, location needed.

-Elf Shelf, The, where was it located?

-HICKERSON GARMENT FACTORY...any info.! Email me for the file I have on it so far.

-LADIES DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS parade accident from the 1930's or 40's, where a car ran in to the group...need the newspaper article for the date.

-Lyman P.White: Commonly called "The Father Of Brainerd". The CWCHS is resurrecting an original 1886 oil painting of Lyman that has been in their attic for who knows how long. It has an ornate, HUGE frame that it will be put back in to. Both the oil and frame needed repair, but the oil will still need to be professionally restored some day. We'd like to get a history of him to display alongside this painting.

-MINES: Brainerd-Cuyuna Mining Co. location on about S 8th & Wright Sts., need this pinpointed for a marker.

-Sarah Thorpe Heald: We would like a history of Sarah to place next to all of her paintings at the Museum.

-SCHOOL, need to find the exact location of our first school on the W end of Front St, for placement of the 1971 marker.

-TOBOGGAN SLIDE, need to find a photo. Priority on this one!!!