The BHG attended the BNNA's Picnic the same night as National Night Out in Gregory Park. Event is done, and it went well! Photos courtesy of Sue Faust.

Other events:

-HOMECOMING: The BHG has a display at the Washington Administrative Building during this event in the fall.

-MEETING/OUTINGS: The BHG holds its regular monthly meeting on the third Wed. of the month. In the summer months they are held outside at an historical site, weather permitting.

-NATIONAL NIGHT OUT: The BHG has a booth here. In 2008 it was in Gregory Park, in conjunction with the BNNA picnic, see above.

-Brainerd History Walk: .

-Sat., Sept. 26, 10:00 AM, library.

-Sun., Oct. 3, 1:00 PM, library.

-Frenchie's Island Tour: Sun., Oct. 4, 2009. Meet at Carl's cabin on the Miss.

-From my email: This Sunday we will explore Frenchie's Island (barring bad weather, namely rain). We will boat upriver from my cabin, and we have 2 boats. Chuck Schmid has offered to have anyone who is not comfortable to be actually on the tour to view the island from his back yard. I can tell you he has the most gorgeous view in the city of this island! He could charge admission!!! We talked about going out from his house but the grade down is 60' and very steep, and the lower half of the steps do not have a hand rail, so this is not an option. Allso please understand that this jaunt is NOT for anyone but the most physically capable, since the boat boarding and unloading is tricky, and getting from the boat up the bank to the island is VERY cumbersome, especially with this low water. So, chuck said he'dowfall love to have those not on the island watch from his view. He will be on the island with us but his lovely wife Linda will welcome you at the front door and direct you to the back yard. Bring a camera!

Call if you plan to go by boat, 218-820-2424.

10/7/2009: I have a report of the event available on request. Just shoot me an email.

Pump House tour: We need to do this one before snowfalll! I can find the Pump House, but have not been able to locate the Electric Generating Plant nearby. There must be some remnants of it there someplace, and I have the gerneal area where it should be in mind. This will require some probe rods, garden tools and even a metal detector if we can find one. I have penciled in either Sat. Oct. 24, or more likely 31.