Phantom Photo

Here I will post a photo that I am in need of help on identifying. If you can give me a date or recognize someone in the photo, please get in touch!

I don't have much information on this one, and what I have is not verified, but this is what I believe we have here:

-Photo of the Lakeside Bar in Brainerd, circa about late 40's(?), judging by the clothing on the men, art deco style light fixtures still hanging, and the 3 or 4 cars visible outside on the street, visible only with a magnifier.

-Owner at the time was Al (Alf?) Olson. I think it was owned by Tommy Baker in the early 70's.

-The backbar fluorescent-lighted shelving units (presumably a corresponding one left of the mirror) just above the rear bartender's head are now hanging in the Iron Rail Saloon, on the north wall, east end of room.

-Photo is taken facing north.

-The jag in the wall in the right rear appears to be part of a room from the neighboring business, visible through glass. It seems to show a large hutch with a sweater hanging on it, and a planter in the foreground.

-Across the street are visible the letters JEW..., apparently for Time Jewelry. Thanks to Pat Sjolund for help on this.

-The deer and bird paintings on the mirrored backbar may have been painted by Mel Meyer, who had a paint shop in the basement of the Rustic Bar just across the alley, now the south unoccupied portion of Shep's On Sixth.

-I'd sure love to find out who the 2 bartenders and the waitress is!

-In an antique shop here in town are 2 spitoons supposedly from the Lakeside Bar.