[Photo is from a postcard postmarked March, 1915, Verndale, Minn.,from Mildred (apparently a sister to Freda) to Miss Freda Turnquist, Waseca, Minn., labeled on front "6TH STREET LOOKING SOUTH BY NIGHT, BRAINERD, MINN." "Hobo Park" is on the left foreground, in front of the First National Bank. The Ransford Hotel is in the right foreground, in front of Iron Excahnge building and a smaller one (name???) in between. Streets are not yet paved! Where are all of these old lightposts?]

There are a few business establishments in the area that display a variety of pictures of early Brainerd. There's everything from framed enlargementsof old post cards or photos, to silk-screened re-creations, to entire wall murals! For sure I'm not the only one with an interest in our past. If you know of any other place that I missed, send it on in.
[No endorsement of any busineses intended; just a big thank you for the space, and interest in displaying these great old pictures.] See UPDATE below, at bottom of page.

Turn your attention to the north wall, high up, and you'll be amazed at the huge murals painted by Kathy Porwal in ____. It's like stepping back in time, and depicts several of our former post office buildings.

In NE Brainerd on Mill Ave., this tavern/restaurant has a nice display area for my enlargements of old buildings photos mostly from the NE area, focusing on the mill and lumberyard. There's even a schematics of the old concrete water tower!

The building, being the old County Jail, is a museum in itself! If you have not yet experienced the thrill of the journey up 4 flights of casual ramps, brimming with not only pictures but real-life artifacts such as a WOODEN water pipe, you are in for a treat! Take the family or group for a tour, and learn not only about Brainerd but the entire surrounding area. Call ahead for times and prices.

Tucked in to the basement of this 8th. St. downtown vintage building, and surrounded by the original red brick walls, your booth will greet you with an old photo of yesteryear. Be careful, or you might think you're in a time warp, back in to the late 1800's!

This restaurant in NE Brainerd on Washington St. hosts several artworks by classmate Charlie Karnowski, done in a unique silk-screening process, to colorize them and bring old photos to life!

It's a treat just to step in to this wonderful vintage, and well preserved downtown building, built as the Elks Hotel and Lodge in 1926! They have graciously allowed me to display dozens of photos in the entire rear dining room, focussing on the premier buidings, some of which are still standing.

The owner here is a true Brainerd history buff. In several of the booth areas are enlargements of old buildings and resorts of the area. The skyway walls are a heaven of wonderful murals!

Just the name of this landmark building is chock full of history! If you are a lumbering history buff, you'll love the huge framed photos of the old logging days with horse-drawn log sleds 20' high, a sawmill on Crow Wing River, and a clue as to where this building once stood. It actually served as the offices for the BRAINERD LUMBER COMPANY in NE Brainerd, and the building was MOVED in about 1909 (Al?) to this location! For added realism, classmate Al Gmeinder has a dandy collection of lumbering tools displyed on the walls.

UPDATE, 10/25/01:

Today I am finally starting to use my new digital camera and scanner, and will start adding photos. Check out Photo Albums, and you'll see Verl already beat me to the starting line by just minutes. Please feel free to add any old photos you may have! BTY, if you came here FROM Photo Albums, I guess I got you. That's really my own cabin, and the mortar WAS just laid yesterday. Sorry...I coudn't resist.

Apparently ths site offers just one photo per page, but many more under Photo Albums, where you can click on to a particular thumbnail. I'll try to group them roughly like I labeled them on the navigation bar on the left. I guess I'll use my favorite photo (or best or only) at the top of all these pages, such as the one above, unless you have a preference, LMK.

I will try to include as much information below each photo as I can, and in the case of a postcard, quote its text on the front, and any pertinant info on the back, such as the postmark's city and date. When there's writing, I'll include names in the hopes that someone out there might recogniize them as a relative. I've heard stories of these being able to trace down long-lost relatives!

Generally, the information under Photo Albums will pertain to the photo or postcard itself, and if there is a listing for that catagory on the Home page, you'll find more in-depth history there.