I'm in desperate need of help on this one! I'll have to enlist some city employees for sure! See the sub-page Oldest at the left for specifics.

This page is where I'm searching for things of a physical nature, as opposed to information (see Information for this).

Also, here's some particular items that I'd like to locate for a project. [See separate section on WALK OF EARLY BRAINERD.]

-BOTTLE from the Brainerd Brewing Company.

-BREWERY FOOTINGS: It's likely there are still some footings from the Brainerd Brewing Company, which was on the east side of Boom Lake (see WALKABOUT, also BREWERIES for an update).

-BRIDGE RAILING from the old Laurel St. bridge. It was like steel slat lattice, about 4' tall. The only remnant I know of is at the end of Hawkins Drive, just west and north of the college bridge, used as fencing around the cul-de-sac. I should think there would be some laying around rusting in some storage yard of the city's, eh? UPDATE: 2008, these railings have been removed. Where did they go???

-CLUB BAR: Where was this located?

-CREEK RIVERHEADS: Where do these 2 creeks originate (see WALKABOUT)?
--Little Buffalo Creek (AKA Slaughterhouse Creek)
--Ravine Creek (for lack of any other name known to me

-CURBING from old streets. The last I saw was in front of the former Paramount Theater, and removed when they repaved the street there. It was made of what looked like a quarried stone, perhaps granite, and was rather small, maybe only 5" on each side, and about 8' long.

-HORSE RINGS cemented right in to the curbing, for tying up one's horse to the curb. Now I do know of a few still intact, but am reluctant to devulge their whereabouts for fear of the curb missing some night! I will REALLY need the city's cooperation on this one.

-HORSE TIE-UP POST: I've heard that fairly recently there were still some of these cast iron posts on N. 4th. St., although I can find none. They had a circular ring attached to the top. I'm unsure whethe er they were the ones you see reproduced as a horses head.

-PARK BENCHES: like those once placed in Gregory Park, around the pergola.

-RAILS from both narrow-gauge railway systems:

-MONUMENTS: These were erected in 1971 for Brainerd's Centennial. I can find 8, but I think there were 17. See the section to the left named MARKERS for this list. [6 more were found not placed, in 2008.]

-MAN-HOLE COVER from the Brainerd Foundry Company.

-PUMP-HOUSE floor plan, drawings, fire map.

-SKI JUMP FOOTINGS: There must be some remains from the ski jump that was located on the east side of boom lake, I believe yet in the 1940's (see WALKABOUT). I think I have located these.

-STEAM-GENERATOR PLANT photo, floor plans, fire map.

-STREET LIGHTS from the early electric lighting days, of which there are many photos of. They had five globes each. Also the central hanging ones used on the street intersections before these were installed. See a photo of these on at night under PICTURES.

-UTILITY COVER from Brainerd Foundry Co. (I likely have this described wrong. They are the double-door hinged type, covering some type of street utility.)

-WELL HEAD from the Brainerd Brewing Company (see WALKABOUT).