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Black Creek

Bluegrass With A Mission

Performing together since 2000, the members of Black Creek, who make their home in Benson, NC, have captured the hearts of live audiences and the radio world alike with testimonies and a smooth, unique bluegrass sound developed through years of playing together. They clearly portray in detail what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in their lives and can do for others.

Roman & Alaina

Meha Shamayim, pronounced (May-Ha-Sha-Mime), the Hebrew words, "From The Heavens," is the very place to which the Messiah Yeshua will return to Jerusalem. Blends 70's retro sounds and soothing vocals with modern messianic praise & worship, creating a very unique and timeless quality in their music.

The Bluegrass Brothers
A high energy bluegrass band that are a traditional bluegrass delight! They have all grown up in bluegrass music families in Virginia , and they are friendly country folk. They have made many musical accomplishments over numerous years, and their vocals and musicianship are second to none, performing from coast to coast and in a most soulful, heartfelt manner.

Yrral Mallik

Born Larry Gordon Killam in Moncton New Brunswick. Now living in Brantford Ontario. Started writing lyrics back in '72 I believe. Been keeping them in a briefcase for many years till I found Songramp. My first song with sound was "You Play On", thanks to Eddie Minyard.

Singleton Street

Singleton Street is a lively blend of bluegrass/gospel, old-timey, Irish, even folk music.

   Sherri began singing at the age of 10. A pennywhistle birthday present from Chuck introduced her to Irish Music. In 1997 Sherri picked up the guitar and has since found her vocal and instrumental niche.
   Chuck picked up guitar in high school. His musical journey has taken him from the Grateful Dead to Irish to Norman Blake and American Traditional.
   Jimmy binds the group together with strong bass singing and playing. Making music since he was a kid, Jimmy can play just about any style. He also serves as the band's sound engineer, and van handy man.
   Craig grew up with church music, Mom is an organist. He cut his teeth on jug band music in the 70s but moved on to frailing banjo under the tutelage of Dwight Diller. Craig has a deep love for old-timey fiddle and, especially, gospel.
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