A New Age Arriving

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God Loves You

A New Age Arriving

    There is the knowledge inside of me, that there is life for all eternity. I have traveled, often far, touched the planets, the heat of stars. I understand New Age, written about it on many a page. Seen the confusion in their eyes, listened to Satanís many lies.

    It is not utopia you see but a blindness that also surrounded me. You are not one with everything. You are not one with every being. I have spanned the universe, felt the vastness of outerspace mingled, interwoven with the human race, it is a lie, out of touch, out of place.

    I am not all that I see or touch, but am created by One who loves me much. Who sent me to earth, who gave me birth. He has abided forever,Because of this, I will be with him for all of eternity.

    There are two forces in outer space. There is a war taking place,over your mind your body your soul, but if you ask, God will make you whole. You have seen a most wondrous thing, understood life, and our innerbeing. But it is a lie that youíve been seeing.

    God understands the confusion that surrounds you. The oneness that overwhelms you. He sees you as you look at the world, and knows you wonder why they cannot see it. How to have peace and harmony. A world of love and unity. They cannot see it for itís a lie born of Satan, shown to a select unified few. So that he can rise to power, deceive the earth for one hour.

    We will never be one here on earth without God canít you see? We are too many filled with diversity. There is also no other place for a portion of the human race. No other planets to revert to. Because God made this planet for you.

    We were placed here to make a choice to either accept or reject His Son. He is the only way, choose to follow Him today. Jesus is God please understand. Because He loves us, He became a man. To walk our earth to touch our hands. God has a Spirit who will enter you.If you ask He will guide your ways, fill up all those empty days. Answer all the questions you have now. Ask Him, He will show you how.

    I have seen Satanís plan walked up his temple the pyramid, looking into the mirror at the top I saw myself. Put this nonsense on the shelf. You are not God. Satan is a lying fraud. Dragging people through the mud. Wash your mind in Jesus blood! He died for you upon a cross, rose again, conquered death, pain and dying, dispelled Satans awful lying.

    I walk outside. Godís earth I see created for you and for me. Godsí plan is such a simple one. He sent "His only begotten Son" to save us from the evil one. Ask Jesus into your life today, ask Him to forgive your sins, He will wash them all away.

    Then you will see the truth I speak of. Then you will know the power of Gods love. How to begin life all over again. Satan is an angel of light. But when we find Jesus we know He is right. Satan will not reign in hell. He lost everything when he fell. But you and I still have a choice.

    Be still and listen to Gods voice. Jesus will give you a sound mind, then true peace you will find. All of your doubts will fade away, when in Jesus arms you stay.

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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