Lost Child Found

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God Loves You

Lost Child Found

So very precious in His eyes,
He carried your baby beyond our skies,
to a place where nothing dies.

There is a place in heaven
where the streets are paved in gold,
where your baby boldly goes.

There is a mansion oh so bright,
Jesus spoke about it in John fourteen.
There is a city so large where Gods
glory can be seen.

So large it could not be built on earth
described in Revelation twenty-one,
Where in day and night Jesus is the Son.

There is no time where your baby now
lives but only eternity.
Of this I know of a certainty.
As David is now with his child so
someday it will be with thee.

Someday we will be called home,
when our work on earth is done.
Then we'll all be together and
understand what it means to be one.

For now we are one in Spirit
But separate in time and space
yet the answers lie in a wonderfully large place.

Where abides our God our King
This is where your baby sings.
A language we know not.

But I have heard that when we travel
there our youngsters we will teach
for time is non existent and without breach.

So awaits your baby gurgling in the Son,
laughter always present,
eternity of fun.

2Samuel 12:23 Mathew 19:14, 10:14 18:10

Psalms 18:19, 31:8, 118:5 John 14:2

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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