Life In His Hand

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God Loves You

Life In His Hand

    Jesus stands like a rock beneath my feet.
    As I stand upon His word, I know not defeat.

    Jesus stands around me,
    with His shining light
    as I'm held in the palm
    of His hand, life is right.

    Jesus stands within my soul
    His love within me, I am full.

    If Satan's forces dare come near me
    God sends angles all around
    in their wings, I am found.

    I am never left alone
    in this world He made for me.
    Because Jesus is my Rock, I am free.

    Jesus knows my every sorrow and pain,
    He takes them to His heart and heals me again.

    Oh my Lord, my God, my King
    through every heartbreak I've learned to sing!

    For You know the outcome of my every breath
    the moment I came into this world and my
    eturnity after death.

    In this I believe, as I believe in You,
    Thank You so much for walking me through!

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)

God Loves You

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