How Is It Life Has No Meaning?

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God Loves You

How Is It Life Has No Meaning?

    Long ago and far away in a manger a baby lay,
    He was begotten form God above to show us how to love.
    Without Him there is no joy, Because of a baby boy.
    We have hope, a dream come true; He has a plan just for you.

    In the future we have in store, endless joy forevermore.
    This is what we're living for:
    In a dimension not so far away, our Lord hears us when we pray.
    In another place without time, in a place without death or crime.

    We will travel there someday, casting all our cares away.
    He is waiting there for us, because in Him we placed our trust.
    There is nothing I can do; He's already done it for you.
    We can only accept His gift, then our spirit He will lift.

    Up above the world we live, because of the Son He did give.
    Above the callous toil and pain, someday with our God we'll reign!
    In a heavenly place so bright, where Jesus is the only light.
    Where lions roar and purr like kittens where we won't have to wear mittens.

    We'll have bodies that won't get cold, won't feel hunger or grow old.
    We'll walk on streets paved with gold,
    live in mansions that need no cleaning,
    How is it life has no meaning?

    Life was given each one of us, we have purpose hope a teaming
    when on Christs arm we are leaning.
    How can I grow angry or carry a grudge,
    knowing I will not be judged?

    Life is to short here on earth, to hold on to bitterness and mirth.
    It eats at our souls and binds our mind. Only in Jesus peace, we'll find.
    Only the peace that He can give then we can learn how to live.
    How to love one another, call each person brother.

    Peace on earth good will toward men will be found only when
    Jesus wipes away our sin when we ask Him to come in.
    He cleans house, makes us white as snow, it is then that we know.
    There is no better way, then trusting in Jesus everyday.

(If you feel so inclined, please pass this on.)
God Loves You

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