Designing Christian Web Sites

Designing Christian Web Sites

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God be with you and may His Word be spead through out the strange workings of the internet. Strange it is yes, But in Him there is no fear for when I heard Him whisper "Tell the world" I said "Here am I Lord, send me". Two months latter my husband went out and bought this crazy thing, and then I met this wonderful girl in a chat room who said, "Hey, you should put your stuff on a web page". I said, "What is that?" And she said, "LOL, I will teach you." Her handle is Jan, and I would like to dedicate this set of pages in her honor.

A Beginners Guide: What you need to know before beginning a web page, like copy & paste, how much space you will need, Opening New Windows, Viewing the source, Uploading and lots more.

Very Basic HTML: Never tried HTML, try this very simple guide.

HTML List EZ: A list of easy HTML codes to put on your note pad or print out for quick reference when working on your web page.

1,2,3 ABC HTML Made Easy: The next step in HTML adds to the basics.

HTML List Advanced: A list of Advanced HTML codes to put on your note pad or print out for quick reference when working on your web page.

Basic Sample Page: What your web page will look like while you are working on it in your file manager/editor. And what this page would look like when you put it on the internet.

A Graphic Guide: How to get graphics to your web page, and then get them on the page where you want them.

Back Ground Sets: How To Make different Back Ground Sets, and Image Maps on your web page.

A Table Tutorial: How to make and use tables to place on your web page.

2 Frame or Not 2 Frame: How to make frames!

Forms: So Forms sound boaring! Something we all hate to fill out. But hey, you can use forms for all kinds of fun things, like quizes and games, you can also find out what people think of your page!

A Music Guide: How to get music to your site, and lots of code to show you how to get it to play.

Some handy links

<BODY BGCOLOR> Code Chart: A handy chart of back ground colors. You can just copy paste the code when you have many sites but wish to have different bg colors on each one.

Color True Chart: A True Color Chart with many colors to chose from. Best used with Internet Exporer and your computer properties set at "True Color (24 bit)".

NetScape Color Code Chart: A Java Script Color code chart with the 256 color choices best used with the NetScape Browser.


(Please note: The following sites lead to links which are not all Christian sites. But since I feel that we are called to reach the world the best way to get there is making sure our web sites can be found through out the world wide web.)

A Home 4 Your Home Page: After you have an idea of how you would like to make your web site, you can go here to find a Place to make your Web Page.

Promoting your page: How to go about getting the world to see your GREAT WEB PAGE!

Alpha Submit: An alphabetical list of Search Engines to Submit your site to.

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