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Very Basic HTML


Hypertext MarkupLanguage

Below are a few HTML codes between arrows that look like this
< >
Normally on a web page you do not see the print between the arrows but I have attempted to make this page so that you can see how I have made the codes and what each code does.

You should be able to copy paste any of the following codes onto your web page and have them work. Then just deleat what I have in there and type in what you want between the codes. If you open another window you will be able to go back and forth between the two pages.

Another window Please!

The key to web pages is patients and practice.

You will notice that there are two sets of arrows around each code one is to start the code and the other is to stop it.
Starts a code: <HTML CODE HERE>
Stops a code: </HTML CODE HERE>
You must always start a code or what you want on your web page will not work the way you want it to. You must always stop a code or it will continue on down the whole web page.

The code is very fussy, if you make a space where a space should not be it will not work, if you leave out a space it will not work. If you write htpp instead of http or leave out letters, comas, " , #, / it will not work.

HTML (hypertext markup language)
Basicly what you need to learn so that you can get what you want to show up on your web page.

Thus you begin each page with:
and end each page with:


The body is the main part of your page. You begin it with a line of code or tags to chose the colors/graphics for your page.


Without picture background:

<BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" text="#000000" link="#000000" vlink="#000000">

(Note: The above codes should not wrap (go down to the next line) inside of your file manager, the codes should be in a continuous line across the page. In the example above on my computer it does not wrap, to show you what I mean. If you have a smaller screen, or have the font (text) larger then it may go down to the next line, but if you copy paste them on your note pad it should go straight across with no breaks in the lines. Otherwise it will not work with some browswers.

When you are finished with the main part of your page type </BODY> to stop the body.

What you may wish to include in the body: TEXT


<h1>Size One</h1> Good for Titles

<h2>Size Two</h2> Ok for Titles

<h3>Size Three</h3> Ok for Text

<h4>Size Four</h4> Good for Text

<h5>Size Five</h5> Getting kinda small

<h6>Size Six</h6> hmmm sure it's good for something :)




<U>underlines Text</U>


<BR> makes a break
<P> inserts a space

<center>Centers Text</center>


<hr>Makes a single line like you see separating each section on this page.

Begining on the page now you will find code like <a href="http:// etc"> and <img src="http:// etc"> this is an address (some call it the addy, url etc). If you look at the top of your screen you should see a white box, and before it you will see the word "Address".

This is the Address for this page:


Each page on the internet has a different address. In the code you must put the address you need between the "quote marks", so what you wish to do will work.

GRAPHICS How to get a graphic into your computer from a web page and then upload it to your site

<img src="a/BlueSquare.gif">


<a href="http://address/Back.html">Some Other Place</a>


E-Mail <A HREF="mailto:Put your e-mail here">Put your e-mail here</A>

It will look like this:



To see how to get music from the internet to your site Go Here

(This is the code used to make the music when you came to the page.)

<embed src="ojesus.mid"autostart=true><bg sound="ojesus.mid">

The name of the mid is "Oh Jesus" / "ojesus" so you would put "ojesus.mid" see above. You would then put your midi in place of the one I have chosen.

Then make a link to your next page.

<center><a href="BasicSamplePage.html">NEXT</a></center>


Then stop the body

And lastly stop the HTML

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