Designing Christian Web Sites

Promoting Your Page Introduction

Hey, you did it you made a great page! Now what is next? Promoting your page! It doesn't do much good to do all that work and then not have any one visit your site.

So how do you do that?

First of all you make sure that all of your headings are in order. The Meta Tags are filled in and each page has a title.
For the Title keep in mind that the lower in the alphabet you can get the better your chances are in some searches that you will be at the top or beginning of the page.
Next Make sure that all of your links are linking!

That your spelling is spelled correctly.

That your graphics are showing, your "alt tags" are filled in. Your music plays. And all the fun things you have placed on your page is working and up to snuff.

Then take a visit to this place to give your page a tune up, and be Web page perfect.

Web Site Garage

Hey how was that for a trial? Thoroughly Tuned? I gave up on pleasing the graphic test and just made a whole site with no graphics!

Now that you are all tuned up and fired to hit the net for God Go back to the promotion page and do some reading on how to promote your site from some of those links. Then I gave that up mostly because everyones ideas were great but everyone had a different one!

So then head on out into the wide world of search engines and get your page in every one that you can find!

of course you could hire people to do that for you too but well, what ever some of us are just poor church mice and besides I enjoy trying to get to the top with lots of prayer. Besides we all know that God owns the cyber waves and I have had some pretty wonderful miracles take place at my page.