Designing Christian Web Sites

About Forms

Once again Forms will not work with lower browsers. So you may wish to also include on your form page an E-mail address. Also some file managers/editors will not process forms. (You can't use this type of information in them), so you may have to put your form at a different place (make another web page somewhere else).


FORM- States a form is starting here.
METHOD- How it will be treated or where it will be sent.
POST- send to an e-mail address.
ACTION- Where to send the information to.
INPUT TYPE- the kind of information that will be sent
TEXT- the input will consitst of text information
CHECKBOX- the input will will consitst of checkbox information
RADIO- the input will will consitst of radio information
SELECT- the input will will consitst of Pop-Up form information
NAME-name of each type of input
VALUE- where the information is being sent from
TEXT AREA BOX- larger box for text
TEXTAREA- A text area box is starting
ROWS- how many rows are in the box
COLS- how many letters are in the box
TEXT BOX- one line of text
SIZE- how many charaters are in the boxes
SUBMIT- submit/send the information
RESET- erase the information
/FORM- Stop the form

To make this form a little more interesting how about you go ahead and fill out all the information, I will explain what you are doing and when you are finished you can actually send it to me, and I will know what you think of my web page, and you will get to fill out a form and learn to make one at the same time :)

Beginning the form:


You would put your mail address where I have YOURMAIL@HERE:

A form is beginning, we are using the method "post" and you are sending it to my mail box.

They won't see this, but I am making it show up so you can.
I actually put my mail address like this:

Now they will see something on the page:
Your name optional: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="name" SIZE="30">

It will look like this:

Your name optional:

INPUT TYPE="text" means we are going to use text, If we put "radio" it would mean little round circles to click in. I put after NAME= name not to confuse you but so that when I get this in my mail box I will know that is your name.

Now we have a new piece of information that will be sent to me. So that I will know the difference between your name and how you found my page I need to change the NAME-information, you can name it anything you wish, I will name it "arrive", and give you more space to type it in the box by changing the SIZE of the box. You can make the box as little or as big as you want.

How did you find my page? <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="arrive" SIZE="50">

How did you find my page?

We are now making radio buttons. They are fun because you can click on one and then click on a different one if you change your mind.


Are the pages in these lessons easy to understand?
YES :)
NO :(

Are the pages in these lessons easy to understand?<BR>
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="lessons" VALUE="yes" YES :) >BR>
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="lessons" VALUE="most"> ? MOST OF THE TIME ¿ <BR>
< INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="lessons" VALUE="trouble"> I AM HAVING TROUBLE ! <BR>
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="lessons" VALUE="no"> NO :( <P>

Notice above I have Named (NAME="TOPIC HERE") all of the buttons "lessons" so that I will know what topic we are on when I recieve this in the mail. I have also given each button a different VALUE (VALUE="EACH BUTTON NAME") so that I will know which button you chose. Also you could center the above information, use UL, have the buttons go all in one row by leaving out the BR, or anything else you wish to place them differently on your pages. I am just trying to keep this relativly simple for now.

Next let's work with a "check box"


Basicly the same thing except we changed the imput type to "checkbox" so we will have a check box instead of a radio button. The fun thing about checkboxes is that you can choose as many as you wish. If you accidently check a wrong one you can click it again and it will dissapear.

I would like to see more information on how to put ____ on my web page:

Java Types


I would like to see more information on how to put ____ on my web page:<P>

HTML <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="lookingfor" VALUE="html"><br>
Graphics <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="lookingfor" VALUE="graphics"><br>
Music <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="lookingfor" VALUE="music"><br> and so on
Other <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="name" SIZE="40"><P>

Ok it is basicly the same except the INPUT TYPE is "check box". I also added a text box to show you that you can mix things together. Also see why it looks nicer to put the boxes and circles before the information you type :)

SELECT (Pop up) or (pull down) Box. What ever you may wish to call it. But to get it to show up it is called "SELECT" because you can select the item you choose and make it show up in the box.


Which page I will probably use the most:

Which page I will probably use the most:<BR>
<SELECT NAME="usemost" SIZE="1"> (start the box, can change size)
<OPTION>Chose an Option (add options)
<OPTION>A Beginners Guide
and so on...
</SELECT> (stop the box)

The TEXT AREA (TEXTAREA) BOX differs from the TEXT BOX in that you can give your visiter more room to write. You can change the ROWS (how far down it will go) and the COLS (how many letter/characters across).


If you have any questions, comments, ideas or just want to say "hi" feel free to write here :)

If you have any questions, comments, ideas or just want to say "hi" feel free to write here :)<P>
<center><TEXTAREA NAME="QandC" ROWS=15 COLS=50></TEXTAREA></center><BR><BR><BR>

Notice I named (NAME=) the box "QandC" (NAME="QandC"). I also separated the box from the writing with the BR command and then I centered the box on the page to show you that you can do different things, and so it would look a little nicer by not throwing it around . The text would most likely end up half one place, going down and then the box ending up who knows where on the page. You could also combine your forms with tables.

Sending and Recieving the information

This will just send the information
<INPUT TYPE="submit"><INPUT TYPE="reset">

Not too difficult. Just kind of shows up there. Ahhh the wonders of technology.

But this is what I used:
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send Form" onClick="alert('Thank you so very much')";"><INPUT TYPE="reset">

I added VALUE="Send Form" to change the words on the button. Other wise it will just say submit. I added the alert... Well you just submit the form and you will see what happens :)

You can now either send (submit) the information to me, reset the whole thing and start over, or just leave the page and no one will never know what you put in all those buttons and boxes. Hey! one more thing if you plan on just leaving. Don't forget to leave your e-mail address for those who this page is not working out for. Then when you are finished with putting all of this on your web page, don't forget to stop the form :)

Please E-mail: