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Ahhh Music the fun stuff in life. So how do we get that on our page? Especially so that everyone can hear it? Well, stick with me here and you may get a few clues.

Some players can be heard with NetScape others with Microsoft. So right off the bat we have a problem. The best thing to do is to combine players so that both can be played on our pages. Below are examples of Midi players, they will also play Wav files. Wav files are going to take much longer to load and more space on your server, so I try to keep any wav files real short. If you need a refresher course on how to get the music to your site go here :)

Examples To start with:



Embed Source and Background Sound

This is probably the easiest to use, that I have found so far. It will work both with Microsoft and Netscape.


The above code will start automaticly when the veiwer visits your page and will continue to play until they leave it. You can change the code, below are listed a few options:

"True" starts the file when the veiwer visits the page, if you change it to "false" you give the viewer the option to start it.

"True" makes the sound loop so it continues to play over and over. "False" will play the file one time and then it will stop.

If you do not want the viewer to be able to see the player, set the height and width commands to zero or add the command HIDDEN="yes". If you want the player to be its normal size take out the width and height code.


Using a Table

<P><center><TABLE BORDER=3 WIDTH=340><TD ALIGN=center><EMBED SRC="http://ADDRESS HERE/ojesus.mid" AUTOSTART=FALSE LOOP=FALSE WIDTH=145 HEIGHT=55 ALIGN="CENTER"> </EMBED><BR><NOBR>Push play for A Song</NOBR> </TD></TABLE></center><BGSOUND="http://ADDRESS HERE/ojesus.mid"></EMBED>

Push play for A Song

Using Frames

If you want your music to play continuously throughout your site and not have to load again on each page one option is to use frames.

Click here for an example.

Notice I put the mid in the index of the frame page, so that when someone clicks on the main frame page it will continue to play when they click on the other links.

I used this code:
Setting the width and height codes at 0 so it would not show up on on the page.

Using Pop up window

If you woul like your listeners to be able to chose from a variety of songs you could use a pop up window, once the songs are loaded they can play them and take them with them in the tool bar through your site.

Click here for an example.

I added the target="new_window" code to the link so a new window would pop up. And took out the width and height code in the music codes so that the players would show up on the page as viewed by each different persons browers allows.

Works with Netscape

To view code go here

Notice that you have part of the code in the heading and part of the code below the BODY BG COLOR. You are using Java Script in this code so you want it pretty much exactly as I have it. So that it will turn out right.

Well with one of the codes above you should be able to now have a little sound at your site :)
Happy listening!

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