Designing Christian Web Sites

A Basic Beginners Guide


Getting Started
Copy & Paste
Note Pad
Another Window
View the Source
How to Upload to your site
Saving Your work
Working with Sub Directories

Getting Started

This may be rather basic to some of you, but when I started I did not know how to work the mouse :) I thought that my desk top and the internet were two different worlds. I thought copy & paste was something I learned in kindergarden. Boy did I have a lot to learn! I am still learning, and boy is there a lot more to learn! So if you feel you know the basics browse causually through this page in case you may see a new tid bit, or just pop on over to the next one :)

Contents of Your Page

Have an idea of what you want to place on your page and what you want your page to look like before you begin building your page. Then work toward that goal.

What would you like on your page? Do you want graphics and music? How much do you have to put on your page? How many pages will it take? It may be a good idea to type or write out a basic layout of what you wish your web page to look like and how much you wish to place on your page to get an idea of the scope of your project. (Don't let that scare you! It can be done!)

After getting a general feel for your page you now should have an idea of how much space you may need to accomplish the task. To give you a clue to how much space is needed here is an example: 5 megs will contain the Old and New Testament without pictures or music, with little room to spare. That may seem like a lot of space, but if you like graphics and music then you will want more megs/room at your site. Don't become overly concerned if you run out of space while working on your page. Most servers provide additional upgrade membership for a small fee. Also the internet is a big place with lots of free space for more web pages. I have run out of space at three of my servers and have just gone on to another place and linked them together.


Important things to know

Copy & Paste

Latter on at this web site you will find HTML codes. You should be able to copy paste any of the following codes onto your web page and have them work. Then just deleat what I have in there and type in what you want between the codes.

To copy:
Place your mouse arrow before the text, click down and darken the area you want to copy. Then press down the other, 2ond, (another) button and find copy. Click copy. Go to where you want the text and push down the 2ond button again find paste and click that. You should see what you just copied. :) If not try again.

Try practicing here:

Copy this

Paste it in this box

Now practice by using other words from this page and paste them into the box.

Note Pad

HTML codes are very fussy, if you make a space where a space should not be it will not work, if you leave out a space it will not work. If you write htpp instead of http or leave out letters, comas, " , #, / it will not work. At 3:00 A.M. it gets real frustrating. (Get some shut eye and try again later :) With HTML upper and lowercase is not so important you can put HTML or html and get the same result. But when you get into other code such as Java script then you need to be more consistant. So now that we have learned "Copy & Paste" we need a place to keep our information.

Someplace in your computer you should have a "note pad." The nice thing about a note pad is that you can keep little notes to yourself on it. My main addy is here "", the exact name of that graphic I uploaded was "hometown.gif"... So that when you need the information it is handy, you can keep "note pad" in the tool bar (located down in the bar by the start button) when you arn't using it. Now practice putting some of these words onto your note pad.


Another Window

Another window Please!

An interesting thing about other windows is that once in awhile they dissapear. They are not really gone but are just hiding in your tool bar at the bottom of your screen, so if you can't find it look down around the "start" button and click on some of those boxes till you find it again.

An important thing to learn while working on web pages is how to open another window without the above link. Toward the top of your computer screen you will see the words "File, Edit, View, go, Favorites... etc." Click on "File". Then click on "New", Then "Window", A new window will pop up just as it did with the link above and you can go anyplace you want with that window while working on your page in the first window. Kool hugh.

View the Source

Another thing that is handy to know is how to view the source. Ok where you saw "File then Edit..." click on "View" Then down to "Source". Another window will pop up and this will show you the code I used to make this page.

When you view the source, (don't let it scare you) you can see what I actually did to get the code on the page. I have used 3 tables to make up the page. I have tried to make it as basic as possible. Some times on web pages there will be long headers before you actually get to the beginning of the page. Here is a trick. In the pad that comes up find search then type in this </HEAD> that will usually bring you right to where you need to start looking. Also you can type in some words in the search from the page that you would like to find.

Viewing the Source can also come in very handy when you are working on your page or helping someone else with their page and you don't want to have to go into the file manager to see what is going on. It also comes in handy if say, you like a certain color on a page, then you can look and see what color they are using. Most html code is common knowledge, but some may be copy write or some may feel they don't wish to share the ideas on their page, in these cases it would not be nice to take their codes.


Without a 4.0 or higher browser at most if not all (at least I haven't found one yet) places you will not be able to upload items such as music, and graphics to your site. If you wish to enhance your site with these things you should check to see if you have a 4.0 or higher browser. You can download Microsoft 4.0 or Netscape 4.0. if you wish so that you can upload to your site. You can also upload using "FTP".

How to Upload to your Site

When searching for a place to make your web page look for the word "Browser". If you have 4.0 for your browser (Net Scape, Microsoft etc.) then you will be able to upload graphics, music and other things to your site from inside the "file manager" (where you will work on your web page).

How get a Graphic or Sound into your computer. There are many places on the internet where you can find free graphics. Be aware of copyrites and other factors. Also you can purchace graphics and graphic software at most stores.

    From the internet:
  1. On the graphic or midi Right click on your mouse. You will see a list to chose from. Pick "Save As" (save picture as, save background as, etc.)
  2. When you click on "Save As" your file folder from your computer will pop up. As when you save a document. Select a folder to put the graphic or midi in (maybe make one called midi and one called graphic) and then push the save button. When you go look in your file you can look or hear what you have placed in there. (as long as it is suported by your computer).

A graphic to practice with:

And here is a midi to practice with:

    Step by Step Instructions for Uploading:
  1. Go the the "File Manager" (Where you will work on your page)
  2. Find the word "Upload"
  3. Go there.
  4. You should see rectangles with the word "browse" next to them.
  5. Click on one of these.
  6. You will see your file folder pop up. Find the item that you saved, and highlight it.
  7. Press Open.
  8. Your file folder will dissapear and the path from your computer to your server will now be in the rectangle (in other words your graphic or midi is now ready to upload). Hint: There can be no spaces between the words.
  9. Find the word "UPLOAD" usually on a button.
  10. Press that.
  11. Then wait while your Graphic or midi loads. If you do a few of them at one time it may take awhile.
  12. When it is loaded you are usually taken someplace else and you can see if it uploaded correctly.
  13. I usually copy paste the items that I upload to word pad to make sure that I have the correct name. Or it will not work.
  14. Then see the following to figure out how to get your SOUND or GRAPHIC on to your web page. Happy hunting!


Saving your work

A word of caution some computers do not take too well to having too many windows, note pads etc. going at once and may shut down or "illegal action" on you. I can have about 5 things going on, click up "Paint Shop Pro" or answer ICQ, and the whole thing freezes up on me. If I haven't saved my work reciently everything is usually lost :( A good idea is to have an idea of what your computer is capable of and to SAVE YOUR WORK OFTEN!!!

You may wish to start a folder for your page to keep all of your information in and organized. My folder at one time got so large it took forever to load and I had to reorganize it! So now I have folders for graphics, for music, for codes, and for each different server. You can keep them right on your desktop for easy access or in your "My Documents" and "My Documents 2" folder once you get too many. I like "brief cases" best they just look nicer on the desktop.

To make a new folder or brief case on the desk top:
In the upper right hand corner of the screen you will see 3 boxes a - button two little squares and an X, when you click on the - button this window will go down into the tool bar (located by the start button). You can bring it back up by clicking on it in the tool bar. Once you click it down you should be able to see your desk top then you can:
right click with your mouse on the desktop
find new
Then click on Folder or Briefcase
You can change the name by right clicking on your new Folder or Briefcase.

Also I have discovered the value of saving my files to disks. There was the time I accidently deleated a page... And the time one of my servers crashed and I had to totaly rebuild the page at a new server. If you have your basic information, graphics, etc. on a disk then you could just change the addys (URL) if this ever happened to you.

Working with Sub Directories

Some servers offer so much space that they also provide sub directories. If you have a lot of pages to place on the server and this option is available I would highly recomend beginning to use them right away. On one server I had to redo my whole page because it could no longer load the information. Try separating 500 pages, graphics and music, and then changing the addys on each so that they would work. not fun :( But it only took about 2 weeks to have everything up and running again. Never panic. Everything I have ever encountered could be fixed! Rembember when using sub directories that you must have the right address (URL) so that your links will work.

The key to web pages is patients and practice.


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