It is fun to take the highway
              And wander for awhile.
              It's nice to see the different scenes
              That unroll mile by mile.

              It's interesting to see the way
              That other people do;
              To bask in city comforts
              And rural beauties, too.

              It's a change to see the mountains
              And relax beside a stream
              Or just to find a quiet place
              Where one can sit and dream

              It's exciting to visit wonders
              That one has never seen;
              To re-live things from out the past
              Or probe the future's dream.

              But there's one thing far surpasses
              All the rest on land or foam.
              It's the deep exhilaration
              That we find in coming HOME.

Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers