To My Valentine

        I wished to buy a valentine
        With Cupids, hearts and words so fine;
        But thought I'd write you anyway:
        The things I'd like my card to say:
        As youngsters, I looked up to you
        There was nothing that you couldn't do.
        You were my idol-never another
        So wise and good as my big brother.

        Then later, when you chose a wife
        We shared our early married life.
        What one had was the others' too
        And between us we somehow made do.

        Though times were hard, we'll all agree
        We shared the love of family;
        And memories that we all treasure
        Are times of fellowship and pleasure.

        So now, upon St.Valentine's Day
        These are the words I wish to say:
        (and I sincerely mean them, too)
        My brother and wife I do love you..

        Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers