To Charles And Nola Orr

    I know the cutest couple
    Who used to live next door
    They're still on their honeymoon
    Though they've been wed ten years or more

    I used to see them cross the street
    A walking hand in hand
    The love and trust they shared
    Was not hard to understand.

    She respected and looked up to him
    And thought him very wise
    He led in prayer and Bible truth
    And was perfect in her eyes

    An He in turn deferred to her-
    He thought her cooking grand
    And said he had the best little wife
    Of any in the land

    And time will never dim
    The memory of the things they did for me
    From sharing food and visits
    And even their home for free

    They had a little bedroom
    Where they made me feel at home
    And I never will forget
    The love that they have shown

    So may the good Lord bless and keep them
    As they travel through the years
    Hand in hand into the sunset
    Of a future with no tears

Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers