To A New Nurse

(To Lynn Kathleen)

          At your graduation I saw you standing
          stately and tall in your new uniform.
          When you stepped forward to receive
          your diploma You took it not for yourself
          alone but for an innumerable host.

          First of all for your parents--
          The father who is now in eternity
          Who endowed you, both by inherent traits
          and ingrained precepts With qualities
          which led you to this hour.
          And your mother likewise.

          Each teacher who from kindergarten
          to graduation Has placed an unalterable
          stamp and helped to mold your destiny.
          Your friends and loved ones ,
          who by faithful encouragement
          Have helped to make your dream a reality

          The spiritual councillors of many faiths
          Have given each some measure of their
          own rich heritage.
          So carry your lighted lamp high
          That others who follow after
          you might not stumble or fall
          And never reach their goal.

            [This poem in free verse was written
            with Lynn Katherine in mind.
            I should certainly have stressed
            the help of her older sister, Daphne Dayle
            Who sacrificed to pay her way through
            Nursing school at Mercy Hospital in Denver.]

          Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers