This is Your Life

[Dedicated to Vernon on his 80th Birthday]

It seems a few short years ago
[My how the time does fly]
Two little children a boy and a girl
In fact it was you and I
Always together at school and at play
In good times as well as in bad.
But when you put your tooth in the lemonade
That sort of made me sad.
Note: Mother had packed us a picnic lunch and put the lemonade in a catsup bottle. We were eating it at the fairgrounds on the bleachers when Vernon's front tooth came out. He put it in the lemonade [needless to say, I didn't get any lemonade].
    And when you and Henny Penny rode home from
    school on the pony we two should have shared
    And I walking home, met a bull in the field
    That really made me scared.

    When our little sister, Betty Jo was born
    Daddy sent us to play in the park
    We swung and teeter tottered ever so long
    In fact it was almost getting dark.
    When we finally went home Daddy met us to say
    Go buy some hamburgers and go on and play
    It's just not yet time to come home.
    So we killed some more time down by Slate Creek
    Then gave it another try.
    This time, when we came up the walk
    We heard the baby cry.

Through years of depression, we shared what we had
So that somehow we always made do.
And when times got better, we all praised the LORD
And served him as best we could, too.
You were always my idol, my protector and so
I'd willingly do what you asked;
And when anyone else wanted anything done
You'd volunteer me for the task.

The years have gone by with the speed of light
Until now you're the head of the clan
With Grand and Great grandchildren galore
A respected and honored old man.
And now that you're eighty we all came to say
"Many many happy returns of the day."

Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers