The Hobo's Lament

    You see me as a hobo. I roam the country o'er
    And any day now I may come a knockin' at your door.
    I'll ask you for a handout of food and drink for free;
    But what I really need and want is some security

    It may look like a life of ease to sponge my way and shirk;
    But if I could I'd settle down And take a job of work.
    I pass by homes where folks within are sittin' warm and cozy
    When I myself am on the road and gettin' mighty dozey.

    I 'm wonderin' where I'll lay my head to catch a wink or two
    I have no bed to call my own though I've slept in quite a few.
    It may be in a straw stack or even some old barn,
    or in some old deserted house to keep away from harm.

    I'm wonderin' where I'll find some food or maybe find a friend;
    But I suppose I'll travel on until my journey's end.
    But maybe if I'm lucky I'll find a job and home
    And if I do I'll settle down and then no longer roam.
    You see me as a hobo But I am really more
    So don't think too unkindly when I knock upon your door.

Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers