Spring Parting, Jasper

            How sad, to me, that you should go in springtime.
            You loved to watch the blooming of the sod,
            You used to take the first small springtime blossom
            And marvel at the handiwork of God.

            How sad, to me that flowers now bloom without you,
            The sky is blue and April's on the hill.
            The grass is green and all about is fragrant
            Why is it that you can't enjoy it still?

            But then the answer comes in tones supernal
            If earth is fair, Heaven must be fairer still
            If earth is lovely, heaven must be more lovely
            The beauty-loving soul of man to thrill.

            And though we miss your presence in the springtime
            we would not call you back to earthly sod
            To miss the wonder you are now beholding-
            The marvel of your first springtime with God.

Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers