I remember how it used to be:
Perhaps you'd been gone for a day or a week
Perhaps even longer-
All at once I'd look up and see your eyes
Shining their greeting of love and tenderness.

Now my darling, You are gone on a long trip
I know that you cannot return.
But one day, down the path that I shall take
I shall suddenly be called from the cares of this life,
And in a moment I shall be with you.

I shall see the greeting of love and welcome
Shining as before
I shall feel the contact of our two spirits
That perfect oneness
That always made us so at home together.

Just now I must struggle on alone
Half of me here and half yonder
But what a joy to be one day-
Any day now-
At home with you forever!

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The years are long since once you left me
To travel to a heavenly shore;
And healing time has dimmed the hurt of parting
And memories are all thatís left of days of yore.

But still I long for that close bond of loving
We shared when life and love were new;
And when my Spiritís freed , it will be winging.
Itís flight will be unerring home to you.

Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers