Iíve had my turn at being young.
      I see the younger folk go by
      With bright and shining eyes.
      Their steps so sprightly
      Their voices bright and gay,
      Their spirits soaring high;
      So that just in passing by
      One can feel the expectation
      The hopes and dreams of life at itís fullest
      With the promise of goals attained
      And strongholds conquered.
      I see their lithe bodies
      The energy driven movements,
      Their confidence and pride.

      I sit and watch them
      I used to be like that.
      And I still could.
      The indomitable spirit still dwells within
      Encased in this frail and faded body.
      I donít regret the change.
      I accept it gracefully (I hope)
      Content to do the things within my power,
      Willing to sit on the side lines
      And be a spectator.
      For Iíve had my turn at being young.
      Iíve lived life to the full.
      Now to the swift belongs the race
      And I don't qualify.
      But I donít feel cheated
      I've had my turn at being young
      And now that Iím old
      Iím satisfied !!

Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers