Out Of Darkness Into Light

      The world was dark!
      For centuries God's people groaned
      Beneath the weight of tyrants' heel.
      The heavens were brass.
      Their hearts were filled with dread.
      God surely has forgotten us they said,
      Perhaps they even thought that God was dead.

      And then a burst of light,
      A star, an angel's song
      And from out the darkness
      One awaited long-
      God was not dead!
      The proof lay in the manger
      God's own begotten Son the heavenly stranger.

      And now the world is dark!
      Wars rage, and crimes increase
      The earth reels to and fro with vile disease.
      In desperation, seeking for a place
      Men shooting rockets out in space
      In hopes to save a sickening human race

      "Where is the promise of His coming?"

            now they say
      "Has God forgotten us or gone away?
      What purpose is there in this long delay?"

      One day the trump will sound
      from out the gloom
      And Christ appear to catch away His own.
      God is not dead!
      nor is He slack concerning all His promise.
      He'll come back when least expected
      The world will worship and adore
      One once rejected.

(I Composed this during the sixties
when many were saying "God is dead".)

Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers