My Darling

It seems now I must walk alone
The path we planned together
Without you dear to share the way
In bright or cloudy weather.

The path seems long, the way ahead
Seems drear and lone without you
And everything I see or meet
Brings memories, dear, about you.

How can I tread the path alone
And face it's many turnings
When all my heart and soul are filled
With deep poignant yearnings?

How can I raise our little ones
Without your love to guide me?
How can I hope to make a home
Without you here beside me?

The answer comes-A still small voice
"I'll never leave, forsake you
I'll walk with you and share the load
Until I come to take you."

'Then patience yet a little while
Just work and pray and ponder
Your spirits shall be joined again
With bliss untold up yonder!!'

Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers