My Autobiography

    As I look back in retrospect I've had a busy life
    I've been daughter, student, sweetheart,
    And even thrice a wife
    I've been pastor's wife, a widow, a social worker,too
    I've been mother, grand great, and great great grandmother
    Step and foster mother to quite a few.

    I've had my share of pleasures-
    the happy childhood days
    The teen-age years of work and play
    And choices in many ways.
    I've known the joys of motherhood,
    A husband's warm embrace
    The memories of a hearth and home
    That nothing can erase.

    I've felt the chill of sorrows,
    of loved ones laid to rest
    The struggle to maintain a home
    Alone and sore bereft..
    I've traveled o'er this bounteous land
    And hold in memory's halls
    Pictures of rivers, lakes and trees
    And tumbling waterfalls

    I've seen the colors in the fall
    of cedars, aspen oak,
    I've seen when spring came on the
    land when winter's hold she broke
    I've lived a long and useful life;
    but it would all be vain
    Without the Friend who bore me up
    Through sunshine and through pain

    I sought Him early in my life and
    He has never failed me,
    Even when storms of doubt and fear
    Like cruel darts assailed me
    And when I come to my last breath-
    of this one thing I'm sure
    That even when I"m cold in death I'll rest in Him secure.

All Poetry in this book is composed by:
Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers

All rights reserved