Mostly Birds

Chapter I

In the month of June, in the year thirty two The birdies in Roscoe were telling what's new That Harry and Mary are building a nest For from all of the birdies they'd chosen the best Then came the glad day when the nest was all done And the couple was ready to make it their home The other birds sang and rejoiced with the two When the preacher said "Wilt thou?" and they answered, "I do". Chapter II The Mary bird bustled and sang all the day In the new little nest with Harry away And then in the twilight the day's work all done They'd nestle together, their two hearts as one What joy and what hope came to brighten their home The very next year with a wee little one Too perfect and angelic to stay very long Little Darlene Gale left the melody of her short precious song The nest was then saddened The bird's songs were stilled Until a boy baby their saddened hearts thrilled The mother bird sang and watched with care O're little Harry Jr. an answer to prayer The father bird, Harry is soon very rushed To find enough worms to keep the mouths hushed For beside Harry Jr., first Glenda, then Sherry Have livened the nest and made it more merry Chapter III The years sped along with sunshine and tears Good times and bad, with hopes and with fears The birds try their wings and flutter a bit But remember the nest and come back to it They always find it a refuge from care Ruled by God's love and sweetened by prayer Chapter IV The time has now come for one birdie to fly To a nest of her own with stars in each eye Glenda has found the one suited to her and in the home nest there is quite a stir Such planning and bustle you seldom have seen For of a new nest she's about to be queen And Lee is as proud as a peacock could be Of his new little home and his wife, Glenda Lee Now Mother and Father bird look at the nest and miss the one fledgling and look at the rest They notice another young bird hovering by and know that with him soon their youngest will fly But Mother and Father bird find sweet content Knowing that all of their years were well spent And that each little birdie throughout all his days Will worship his maker with sweet songs of praise And besides the one nest where the Lord is proclaimed Someday three more will honor his name Chapter V The years have sped by and tis hard to realize When one stops to number that it's now twenty-five But today they're remembered by loved ones galore With a hope and a prayer that the Lord has in store More than twice times twenty-five more Postlude After twenty five years of hovering the nest They look back and wonder which moment was best Second Peep The young birds have flown. It's time for a rest And Harry and Mary rock gently at peace in the nest They do miss the children But then not for long For they often gather to join in the song And before long are added Two and then three Four, five and then six Almost filling the tree The baby bird voices Now join in with glee And thirteen grandchildren complete the family tree. Well, no, not quite complete For thirteen's unlucky And now with Eric Mathew Fourteen is just duckey The years have been kind to Harry and wife. They don't look their age They've had a good life For Harry it's time for the old rocking chair And though Mary's not ready, She'll soon join him there Maybe they'll travel, And maybe just rest A few years to do just what they like best And today they're remembered by loved ones galore For the years of their marriage now number four score. And we all join to wish them many, many, many more. Postlude After forty good years of hovering the nest They look back and wonder which moment was best The Third Peep We look with amazement at what has transpired When we left the bird pair We thought they'd retired The rocking chair was waiting and everything set But don't fool yourself They're not finished yet A new life has begun With extra years of zeal For you've oft heard it said, "You're as young as you feel". So Harry and Mary are serving the Lord. A decision they may in strictest accord. They've discovered the place the Lord wants them in. To turn little children to heaven from sin. And as long as his strength and grace God doth give They'll continue to serve him as long as they live Postlude A bird's eye view of a life That's well spent Makes today a blessed and happy event Our congratulations we send your way God bless this Golden Wedding Day!

Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers