Love At First Sight


    She caught him on the rebound
    He vowed he'd never wed.
    Since she lived too far for courting
    He just married her instead.

    They were wed in the depression
    In those awful dust bowl days;
    And though their love was strong and true,
    Life was hard in many ways.

    They wandered near and far afield
    To keep the wolf from the door
    But somehow the stork would always
    find them to deliver one bundle more.
    They had the perfect family-
    Four girls and as many boys
    And the home was filled with laughter,
    Love and peace and many joys.

    One by one the children left them
    Until now it's tea for two
    And after 50 golden years
    Their love is still BRAND NEW!!

    Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers