Great Grandmother

    When I was just a tiny girl
    I saw her in her eighties
    A frail old lady keeping house
    Tending her garden and her chickens.

    "Grandmother has failed" they later said.
    And finally" "her mind has left her"
    She's living only in the past
    In days when she was younger,"

    And then ,the message came "she's gone".
    The clan all gathered for the funeral.
    I thought to see a body worn out by passing
    years, A frail shell, bereft of all meaning.

    How amazed I was to see
    A face and form of character and strength
    A woman who could have ridden in a wagon train
    In whose veins flowed the blood of the Pioneers.

    It was as if death had rolled back the years
    And shown to me a lady in her prime--
    The stalwart character she once had been.

    Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers