What a treasure of memories I hold within my hands
In the folds of this old patchwork quilt
That was made in foreign lands.
This is a piece of my first dress,This was my bridal gown.
This a piece of mother's dress,that she had made in town
This was sister Annie's skirt- 'twas faded long ago.
This pink one's still in my attic trunk because I loved it so
I wore it when I met my love beside the pasture spring.
And this I wore the night he came with my engagement ring.
This was a piece of Baby's dress that soon became a shroud.
And this was little Johnny's shirt
That made him oh, so proud.
Each block holds memories of days so long gone by,
I brush away an unbidden tear and leave it with a sigh.

Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers