(Hitherto hath the Lord helped us)
(Written by Janice Hankins for the
Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration of
Bethel Ev. Free Church).

            It was just a little company
            That met in homes for prayer
            A little powerless band of folk
            But our Great God was there.
            It was just a little faith we had
            but It was multiplied
            To be a mighty moving force
            Which every need supplied,

            The first church home was soon outgrown
            And so, we looked around
            For a place of large proportions
            But no such place was found.
            So "Do it yourself" became our motto: then
            And everyone from man to child
            Set right in with a vim.

            We were truly blessed with workers
            When we began to build;
            With carpenters, contractors, electrician
            and such our pews; were filled;
            The ladies, too got in the act
            With hammers, nails and saw
            And soon the finished. product
            We looked upon with awe
            "'Twas nothing fancy, Just a shell
            With homemade pews and such;
            But we made the rafters ring with praise
            And felt the Spirit's touch,
            We had no regular pastor with learning
            and degree But brother Freeman filled
            the place And did it all "for Free'"
            We had a broader vision
            Of neighbors lost in sin
            And we truly did our utmost
            To bring the wanders in.
            Our sole aim and purpose
            Was to see Christ magnified
            And to reach and bring within the fold
            The-lost for whom He died.

            Our pastor Jaeger felt the call
            To go to other fields
            And Brian Johnson filled the place
            For several fruitful years.
            By the time that pastor Rodman came
            The little church was filled
            And so with one accord they said
            "Let us arise and build".

            An edifice of brick and stone
            Was built with the help of all-
            Especially Pastor Rodman
            Who suffered quite a fall.
            With this new edifice complete
            We met as one to praise
            The God who hitherto had helped
            And lead us all our days.
            The new parsonage was almost ready
            When Pastor Nyberg came
            So it soon, too, was occupied
            And hallowed in His name
            The years sped on and changes came.
            Our children grew to youth
            And 'most all went to Bible School
            To learn more of God's TRUTH.

            We think of friends: who came and shared
            And helped to bear the load
            And then moved on to other fields
            And some to their reward.
            There have been happy unions
            Which children came to bless
            Whose little feet were early placed
            In paths of righteousness.

            There have been those we should have
            reached Who by some fault or lack
            Have wandered on in paths of sin
            And never may come back.

            But through it all, we've had our share
            Of failures and victories too
            And though we've failed Him many times
            Our God remaineth true,
            And with this confidence we look ahead
            Nor loose sight of our aim
            To preach , with power, the Word of God
            And Magnify His name

          Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers