Down Memory Lane

          If I had power to choose from life
          Just one day to relive and hold for aye 
          Like a stuck record on a phonograph 
          The self-same strain forever play-
          It would be the day we wandered with our little 
          brood, Beside the river on it's quiet way.
          There everything in nature seemed extremely good
          And heaven not so very far away.
          The autumn leaves were sifting down in showers;
          The autumn sun was shining warm and bright
          The air was fresh with summer's dying flowers
          While overhead  were southbound birds in flight.
          We ate our picnic lunch and stopped awhile
          In step with nature who was pausing , too
          To catch the last of summer's smile
          The first of autumn's wonders ,fresh and new.
          Now  when the cares of life press hard about
          And threaten to engulf me, too
          I  often take this  treasured memory out
          And muse on it until it lives anew.  
          If all of life were golden autumn days
          Perhaps we'd lose the wonder by and  by.
          But to my Lord I raise this hymn of praise
          For giving me this memory  -that will never die.

          Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers