Congratulations And Best Wishes

          Congratulations on this 59th
          Anniversary Of your happy Wedding Day.
          Congratulations on the togetherness
          You've shared along the way
          Congratulations on the family
          The LORD has given you.
          The "Kids" who now have done you proud;
          And their descendants, too

          Best Wishes for a future
          Of happiness and love.
          Best Wishes for a time of rest
          You're so deserving of.
          Best wishes for improving health
          For quick relief from pain
          Best wishes for many Golden Years
          Whatever may remain.

          Best Wishes for the smile of God
          To brighten your tomorrows
          Best Wishes for His Presence
          To Comfort you in sorrows.
          Best wishes from your family
          From friends and neighbors,too
          Best wishes for all the blessings
          You're so entitled to.

      Written for Vernon and Thelma's 59th Anniversary.They chose to have the family gathering the 59th rather than the 60th, as several were here in the states from over seas.

    Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers