Autumn In Colorado

    A gold-orange flame of aspen in a cobalt sky
    Dark green cedars, pines, and spruce trees
          soaring high
    The russet flash of woodbine in an oak is seen
    With soft green fields and meadows in between

    The swish of rivers over rocky beds
    The roar of rapids and of falls ahead,
    The dance of aspen in the noon-day sun
    The glance of silver where the rivers run

    Crystal lakes , reflecting peaks and trees
    Dimpled by a playful gentle breeze
    This is Colorado in the fall
    The loveliest sight I can recall.

Autumn Leaves

    Autumn leaves are falling down
    Some are red, some are brown
    Hear them rustle 'neath our feet
    As we scurry down the street

    Rake the leaves, pile them high
    Watch their smoke mount to the sky.
    For their r passing do not sigh.
    We'll have green ones bye and bye.

Janice Weeks, Chamberlin, Hankins, Rogers