An Ode To Betty Jo

By Janice Rogers

    I remember as if 'twas yesterday
    When you came into the world
    With big blue eyes and dimples
    And hair that softly curled
    How mother let me name you
    And care for you each day;
    I didn't think it work at all
    In fact, I thought 'twas play

    To wash and iron your dainty clothes
    And change your diapers, too
    In fact, there's nothing
    That I wouldn't do for you,
    I'd dress you up and show you off
    To neighbors, schoolmates, friends
    My pride in you is something
    That simply never ends.

          You later shared my "beau" with me
          And cried when I got my ring.
          Then came and helped in our new home
          And shared 'most everything.
          We called you "Little cheer sister"
          For it was no surprise
          That everything we tried to do
          Was perfect in your eyes.

          When graduation rolled around for you
          I got to choose your dress
          And all the dainty accessories,
          Twas fun I must confess.
          I Couldn't be at your wedding
          But you came on your honeymoon
          And we gave you an accidental chevaree
          That ended with a boom
          And landed you
          And Richard on the floor
          And even the bed-lamp came down too
          And left you groping, bruised and sore.

          Throughout the years, we've been so close
          We've shared 'most everything
          When biking, cleaning rooms, and such
          We really had a fling.

          Well now we're growing older
          And life isn't so much fun
          But still when we're together
          We work and play as one.

          And when we've had to be apart
          I can't tell how much I've missed her
          And I never can express the love
          I have for my little sister.