Deer Trail

Deer Trail

Watching and sometimes interacting with animals, is something that we have enjoyed all of our lives. From 2 hours of VCR tape in a tree out back, or on the pond taping the geese 30 some years ago, to cams that stream live. It is the challenge we have always enjoyed. In 2009 we put cams on the edge of the woods and then further to the back of our land.

We began Deer Trail US website so we could watch the panoramic view of the cams on a web page. We have had up to 7 cams running at one time over the years. We have enjoyed watching the animals with other viewers who have stopped in to watch & visit. We no longer feed the animals and just enjoy watching the one cam we have running to see what may wander through.

The animals that visit the Deer Trail cams are not caged, but free to roam at will. Therefore you may see sick or injured animals. We will also see them and contact the necessary authorities when needed and follow their advice.

Over the years the website, Social media and many of the cam view ideas have come from viewers just like you, and we have figured out how to implement your ideas that sounded fun at the time. We decided to cancel the domain this year and move Deer Trail back to its original location on the web. Thank you for visiting.

If a cam is streaming we will try to post it here:

Cam 2 is usually running at YouTube cam 2. (Look for the red "Live Now" link) Sometimes it is streaming on the "Enter" page below but drops out often. Not putting out feed for the deer (see the news for updates).

Enter Site

Deer Trail is recorded 24/7 highlights of video & pictures will be placed at Facebook and Youtube when available.

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