For some time we have been talking about having some central place to house The Brainerd History Walk, sort ofd a headquarters and place to store our literature and supplies. .Just a few businesses would be perfect locations for a "home" for this walk, and I think we'll find one, if not a business but something like the Chamber office or Community Action or the library.

I'm also leaning more toward a few "homes", each with a theme, call it a Theme Home if you will. The Sawmill Inn is obvious as the lumbering business theme, and Al already has an impressive collection of old enlarged photos gracing the walls. The Northwind Grill already has many photos of the premier buildings, as does the Last Turn. Choppers in NE already has a great collection of paper mill-related photos. Below is a list of themes that might be featured, each having it's home and photo histories. The business would "specialize" in that theme. If we put this out to the businesses we might get some to come forward to volunteer their research time, and space in their building; just a small framed photo collage would do! This would be kind of like "getting the museum out of the museum", and in to the community.

In time, these themes and their locations could be listed in a brochure, so when someone interested in history looks through it they can go right to the place that might interest them the most. I have included some ideas in parentheses that might be a good fit linking the building/business to the theme. Some are obvious, hospital history in the only hospital we have in town, etc. Some will require some thought, such as banking which might be better in an existing bank rather than an unrelated business housed in a former bank. I'm sure there are many more and better ones. Thoughts?

-banking (Bremer Bank on 7th)
-blacksmith (First Bank, the Fred Drexler 1971 monument is here)
-brick industry (any classic brick building)
-buildings/street scenes (Elks building/Northwind Grille)
-churches (First Lutheran on 8th)
-farming (Little Farm Market?)
-fire halls (the present fire hall/best, or the second fire hall/Community Action building)
-fishing (are there any bait shops in town?)
-grocers (no grocers left in town, but the Turcotte Bros. were at the Shep's location for decades)
-hospitals (St. Joseph's)
-hotels (are there any hotels in town?)
-houses (The Fine Line, formerly Werner Hemstead home)
-lumbering (The Sawmill Inn)
-parks (Parks & Rec. in Lum Park)
-paper mill (Chopper's in NE)
-railroading (The Clock Tower building in BN Center)
-restaurants (the Log Cabin, or the one next to Last Turn Saloon, name?)
-schools (St. Francis, CLC)
-taverns (the Last Turn Saloon, or Shep's On Sixth)
-theaters (whatever business is now on the Sleeper Opera House location, 8th St., candy store?)
-Water Tower, Concrete (the Chamber of Commerce office)