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Here you will find the meeting times, Group projects and all updates on the progress made by the Group. This is the same as the Subpage formerly found on the Brainerd History Walk website. It was apparent that the cart was becoming ahead of the horse as the Walk was really a project of the Group after all!

Brainerd History Group

Mission Statement

August 2008

The Brainerd History Group is a volunteer group that aims to promote a better understanding of the history of Brainerd. The group seeks to bring together different members of the community with an interest in the history of Brainerd, including the industries, the businesses, the families, buildings and leisure activities of the area. The Group is developing a web-site that will focus on the history and will encourage and support research on a wide range of issues in Brainerd. The preservation of buildings and the past history of Brainerd are important for the Group and it will work with other organizations for the preservation of buildings.

The Group believes that the future of a healthy community is built upon a solid understanding of its past and its values. Thus, it will build bridges to other organizations in Brainerd and outside to promote a better understanding of our history and how it can help shape our future development. As in the case of the Brainerd History Walk, launched in May of this year, the Group will seek the support and input of all members of the community, including the City of Brainerd, the Minnesota Historical Society, the Crow Wing Historical Society, the Brainerd Public Library, the Central Lakes College and the Brainerd School system.

August 13, 2008.


8/17/2008: Important change in the meetings structure! Click on the Meetings/Outings link on the left!

If you would like to be alerted to Website Updates on this site by email, just give the webmaster a holler. This will be maybe a few times /month, and only when somthing of major importance or change is made. You can opt out at any time.

Carl: fertfaust@msn.com

Below then is the copy from the former subpage as of 6/15/2008. All new info will be at the top:

BUSINESSES: Would you like to particapate? Find an easy and fun way...just click on the PROJECTS link to the left to find out more! Look under PHOTO COLLAGE.


I have talked with many folks about the BHG, and asked if they would be interested in "joining", and have found a few words that turn most of them off, namely Join, Meetings and Member. Most of them already attend several meetings a month, belong to many groups and have little time for more. SO, I am proposing 3 levels of membership to include anyone that is interested in furthering our research and projects. One could start at the first level and go to another if the time commitments are too much, or go back as needed. Here they are:

A) Meetings (attend when you can)

B) Email list (get all Email communications between members via an Email Group list)

C) Website Update Notifications (get notified by Email each time the website is updated/usually items of most importance, much less frequent than Email communications, perhaps twice monthly)

Personally, over the years I have joined many a group even long before the internet age, such as the Coleman Lamp Collectors or the Beer Can Collectors, and NEVER attended a meeting. It was all done via US Mail and newsletters. The internet is just a more efficient way to join forces. What do you think?

5/15/2008:With the success and interest in the Brainerd History Walk, there has been much talk about forming a group to further explore Brainerd's history. It could be called the Brainerd History Club, or maybe better yet, Group.

This group, although informal MAY:

-have regular meetings, perhaps monthly

-have a vehicle such as a federal 501(c)(3) to collect funding for projects, which could be operated as a separate arm of the group, or perhaps funneled remotely through an existing such group

-be able to provide insurance for guided tours and other projects involving the public, if needed

This group WILL strive to:

-RESEARCH historical information

-PROMOTE interest in the historical heritage of our city

-PRESERVE the buildings and other historical sites

-EXPLORE the key players, both individuals and families, that built the buildings and the town as a community

-BRING TOGETHER interested parties already working on Brainerd's history

-HELP those that will be shaping Brainerd's future incorporate our past successes and mistakes, and encourage community involvement

-CONTINUE the efforts of the many folks involved in the Brainerd History Walk, in hopes of continuing and expanding them

Here's the same as above but in a news story format:

The Brainerd History Group will be a volunteer group, that will focus on a variety of history issues in Brainerd, including we hope, the continuation of the History Walk on a reservation basis with 4 other walks planned. Well beyond just researching historical information we will strive to promote interest in our heritage here and help to preserve buildings and historical sites, bringing together folks already having these common interests. We also will study not only the early key players that built our city, but the more recent families that are identified with the major industries such as the grocery, automobile and resorting businesses.


Carl: The Brainerd History Group (BHG) met 5/20 and the 5 of us decided to continue and meet monthly, third Wed's., next June 18. Please join us any time! If your schedule is too busy to join us at meetings, join as an "eMember"...just keep up on our emails and on the website, then chime in any time with things you think will help. BTW, we want to keep the word "join" very loose, no commitments or anything to sign, just having fun with history! We can use only last name initials on the site, ie. Carl F., or even C.F. if one prefers. You can also opt to only be informed by email when the website has been updated. The idea here is to attract as many folks as we can, because there is strength in numbers when it comes to research! So, let's not scare anybody off by thinking they must attend yet another monthly meeting...we are all VERY busy these days. Lets let the power of the internet and other technologies multiply our efforts!


Here are some items I am in need of information on. Is there someone out there with any facts to contribute, or would you like to help dig up some?


-CURBING: Quarried granite (there's still some on 7th St. S, from Front to Laurel Sts., E side of street). Where did all of the old curbing go from the Front St. demolition???

Also see Projects link at the left!

I found this on a Google search. The Granite City they refer to MAY be St. Cloud, MN.

Washington Avenue Loft District Street scape
Final Design Concept

Granite Curbing

Location: Used for all curb along Washington Ave. between 14th St. and 18th St. and along 13th St.

Material & Size: Granite; straight segments: 6" wide x 1'-6" high x 8' long.

Manufacture: Recycled granite from city stockpiles, North Carolina Granite Corporation, Cold Spring Granite

Notes: All granite curbs will be salvaged and re-used to match the existing roadway granite curb conditions where possible, all other locations will use new granite curbs.

See Image11.psp

URL/web address of this site:


Or, zip to it here!


If you would like access to local history, try this site. There is another In Search Of section like the one here, but WAY larger! We need lots of folks' memories working on this.